Monday, September 21, 2009

Zulu at 100

I've been scanning a few silver gelatin projects that I've recently completed. One of which is from last years Zulu parade during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. It happened to be the 100 year anniversary of the parade and the energy there inspired me to do a project.

A show is in the works at Darkroom a gallery, printer, framer locale in New Orleans for February 2010, during Mardi Gras. Here's a photo...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hospital Installation

Recently, I wrapped up hanging an installation for the University of Texas Medical Branch Internal Medicine residency program at Brackenridge Hospital.

I've done this project for about three years now and had a great time meeting the doctors entering their profession each time. It's consistently a challenge to photograph them while they work and capture natural expressions of concentration, curiousity, confusion, exhaustion or what have you. The theme of the work is 'face of the new doctor.'

This installation idea came from collaborating with Dr. Beth Miller and would not be possible without her support. Thanks so much!

Next week I'm starting a new installation commissioned by the Family Medicine department of UTMB...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To St. Pete and back

Last Wednesday I began my trip across the country to St. Petersburg, Florida for the geekfest photography conference. On the way I stopped in Baton Rouge to see mom, dropped off my prints to Coup d'Oeil Art Consortium in New Orleans, photographed for my project in Bay St. Louis Mississippi and visited Brian Diggs in Tallahassee. The conference was laid back and stocked with outstanding speakers. Nights went late with lots of photo chat and drinking, even games of shuffleboard. Thanks to Melissa Lyttle and her crew for making it happen!

Just made it back to Austin today for a corporate event I'm shooting this evening. Below are a few snaps.

Clouds in Florida.

This is what I did while trying to stay awake on the drive back to Bay St. Louis from St. Pete. Shooting photos in the fog at 80mph.

A closed store in Bay St. Louis. Part of a series I'm shooting about buildings and left behind structures across Hancock County. Shooting the landscape has become an intriguing part of this project outside of documenting the people I was with during Katrina.

More from the Katrina series to come...

Monday, September 7, 2009

New-ish shoes...

There's nothing super-photographically sound about this post, but I'm excited about a personally project I completed recently. I've been thinking about recovering my vans slip ons for some time now... finally I did after the original blue cover came completely off and massive holes opened in the toes. The right shoe (left) is left over acid wash denim I found in my friend Ian's free box and the left shoe (right) is a folded piece of a soft bandana I got at Wheatsville food co-op years ago. I used an upholstery needle, inspired by Noah, and hemp yarn to stich through the rubber sole and the materials. The soles have years left on them and I'm happy I was able to reuse the shoe.

My fingers got sore pushing through the thick rubber, but the project only took a few hours spread over 2 days. Small project, great satisfaction!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back in Austin

It was a lot of driving, but well worth it. I had an outstanding time in Mississippi reconnecting with some of the folks I was with during Hurricane Katrina four years ago. I actually copied the list of people who were at the same emergency center as me from Brice Philips, radio guru, and have started calling to photograph those people this year. Finding all of them will be a challenge, but I shot portraits of six of them near a place of significance to them or the storm over the weekend. I also shot 2 interviews recapping the storm, the last four years of reconstruction and the meaning of the anniversary. It was outstanding to re-meet these people with whom i have a bond and I'm thankful they were so welcoming to my presence, I can't wait to go back!

This week I've been editing, firming up a few different shoots with corporate clients and shooting an assignment for the Times on Friday.

I'm also having the website updated soon with an ongoing portrait project about Texans and the installation I hang each year for UTMB Internal Medicine at Brackenridge hospital. Stay tuned.