Monday, February 16, 2009

Thank You Chris Carson

Wow, what an experience this was. I never thought I would really care too much about meeting politicians and celebrities, but this is a memory I'll never forget. I'm really happy my friend was there to make this picture and send it my way. After shooting famous people its actually really really neat to meet them like this in a humble way. Thanks Chris (and Bill).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bill weekend

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What people do on Sunday

I'm eating chocolate fudge cake at quacks, there's a neat looking dude outside and its 538pm
Sunday I walked for quite a while looking at what people do, people do a lot on Sunday
The weather has to cooperate for this to take place and this week worked out perfectly
Slackliners slacked as frisbee sprinters blaze as kite flyers flew as loungers lounged
Lighting it all up was a neat challenge as well and thanks to friends Sam, Kristen and Marcos
It took the ease off a hernia repaired photographer and make a new project about Sunday
Some people find holiness in other places besides buildings, preachers or candles
Celebrating your body the earth and having friends to share activities are noteworthy choices
Shooting photos of these experiences motivates me to do more for the sake of doing it
Just do it, as an aside the Nike Human Race book "The Day the World Stopped to Run"
Arrived this week, pretty privileged to be a part of, but I can't say I would have bought it. xo
Anyone reading this?

Mr. Friends in winter

Recent photos of friends
Lighting candles with Paul Simon
Returning from Korea after losing a bet
And getting a new haircut.

time for dinner

Working on a saturday would presumalby suck to most
I rather enjoyed the experience and was happy to be having work in january
Shooting socialites at a gala opened my eyes to a lot like people with a ton of money
Besides some aristocrats and artsy folks docents walked with bells
Chiming a specific tune to let people know that dinner was beginning.

breakfast breakdance

Going to breakfast with friends is a pretty enjoyable experience
Especially when you get a new water heater and it comes with slick cardboard boxes
Really great for breakdancing on, but then you walk outside and overexpose it
So later you see your way and try to make it cool by adding contrast and calling it art
Coffee is delicious everything is wonderful and yarn connects us all.