Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zulu at 100 zine now on sale

NOW ON SALE: "Zulu at 100" my 12 page photo zine to coincide wtih my upcoming show in New Orleans, February 2010.

Limited edition series of 137 printed with archival ink from silver gelatin print scans. The series captures the history and excitement of the Zulu Mardi Gras parade on its 100th anniversary (2009).

Please email me if your interested.

Today I tanned a hide for my new promotional books coming in December... Here are some photos thanks to Michael Jackson:

My hands are stained because they are leather.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Public speaking

Tomorrow evening at 8:30 I'll join photographers Erich Schlegel, Andrew Loehman, and Thomas Meredith to speak at The University of Texas National Press Photographers Association student group meeting. The topic is freelancing. If your interested join us at 830 at CMA 3.124 near the corner of Dean Keaton (26th) and whitis.

The link is up! Check out the style piece I shot for AOL here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The United Soviet State of College Station

I spent this past Saturday in College Station shooting a street style fashion piece for a website owned by The idea was to find people who dress interesting to tailgate for a Big12 rivalry football game and the day was equally as tame as it sounds until we found this group of tailgaiters.

Thanks to my John for holding reflectors for me that made it possible to make some great photos of our not so model prepped models. It was a great time in the end and the editors were really happy with the photos. I'll post a link when it comes up.

I got an exciting email on Saturday from Ken at Coup d'Oeil Art Consortium in New Orleans and one of my prints from the Zulu project sold during the Art for Art Sake night on October 3. I think I'm most impressed by the idea that some one is hanging something I created in their home.

On Friday I was in San Antonio to shoot a writers guild conference that helps veterans find a voice. The article ran today. It was held in the San Antonio public library downtown after hours as the sun was sunsetting after a mostly rainy day, making it a beautiful time to shoot. I had a great time running from group to group and shooting the empty architecturally sound building in the mean time. Here's some photos that weren't published:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Larry Coker

Last Thursday I photographed Larry Coker, former University of Miami football coach, for the New York Times at UTSA where he is starting a football program from scratch. Coker won an NCAA championship in 2001 with the Canes. He was very friendly, accomodating and was even willing to get his shoes a little muddy for the portrait below. They didn't run the portrait but I thought it was a good idea. I mostly documented him doing what he does, which is mostly stuff behind the desk considering he won't have any players til next fall. Here is a link to the story.